December 5, 2016

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Dias, Filipe S.; Miller, David L.; Marques, Tiago A.; Marcelino, Joana; Caldeira, Maria C.; Orestes Cerdeira, J.; Bugalho, Miguel N.

Conservation zones promote oak regeneration and shrub diversity in certified Mediterranean oak woodlands Journal Article

Biological Conservation, 195 , pp. 226–234, 2016, ISSN: 00063207.

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Bugalho, M. N.; Dias, F. S.; Briñas, B.; Cerdeira, J. O.

Using the high conservation value forest concept and Pareto optimization to identify areas maximizing biodiversity and ecosystem services in cork oak landscapes Journal Article

Agroforestry Systems, 2015, ISSN: 0167-4366, 1572-9680.

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Dias, Filipe S.; Bugalho, Miguel N.; Rodríguez-González, Patricia M.; Albuquerque, António; Cerdeira, J. Orestes

Effects of forest certification on the ecological condition of Mediterranean streams Journal Article

Journal of Applied Ecology, 52 (1), pp. 190–198, 2015, ISSN: 00218901.

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Bugalho, Miguel N.; Silva, Luís Neves

Promoting sustainable management of cork oak landscapes through payments forecosystem services: the WWF Green Heart of Cork project Journal Article

Unasylva, FAO, 242 , pp. 29–30, 2014.

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Dias, Filipe S.; Bugalho, Miguel N.; Orestes Cerdeira, J.; João Martins, M.

Is forest certification targeting areas of high biodiversity in cork oak savannas? Journal Article

Biodiversity and Conservation, 22 , pp. 93–112, 2013, ISSN: 0960-3115.

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Bugalho, Miguel Nuno; Caldeira, Maria C; Pereira, João S; Aronson, James; Pausas, Juli G

Mediterranean cork oak savannas require human use to sustain biodiversity and ecosystem services Journal Article

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 9 (5), pp. 278–286, 2011, ISSN: 1540-9295.

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Branco, Orlando.; Bugalho, Miguel Nuno; Silva, Luís Neves; Barreira, Rui; Vaz, Pedro; Dias, Filipe S.

Hotspot Areas for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Montado Technical Report

WWF Mediterranean – Portugal/Centre for Applied Ecology Prof. Baeta Neves(CEABN) Lisbon, 2010.

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Bugalho, M N; Plieninger, T; Aronson, J; Ellatifi, M; Crespo, D G

Open Woodlands: A Diversity of Uses (and Overuses) Incollection

Aronson, J; Pereira, J S; Pausas, J G (Ed.): Cork Oak Woodlands on the Edge: Ecology, Adaptive Management and Restoration, pp. 33–47, Island Press, Washington, DC, USA, 2009.

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Berrahmouni, N; Regato, P; Ellatifi, M; Daly-Hassen, H; Bugalho, M N; Bensaid, S; Diaz, M; Aronson, J

Ecoregional Planning for Biodiversity Conservation Incollection

Aronson, J; Pereira, J S; Pausas, J G (Ed.): Cork Oak Woodlands on the Edge: Ecology, Management, and Restoration, pp. 203–217, Island Press, Washington, DC, USA, 2009.

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