Provide Technical Support to the Paper Industry

Altri Florestal is the second largest paper gum producer in Portugal and manages over 80 000 hectares of FSC certified blue gum plantations. In 2012 they asked WWF Portugal to analyze the placement of High Conservation Values Forests and Conservation Zones in their properties. HABEaS WebGIS was used to conduct this analysis.

Identify Conservation Zones and HCVF in Cork Oak Woodlands

In Portugal there are over 100 000 hectares of cork oak woodlands with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. Many landowners and landowners’ associations have used HABEaS WebGIS to identify areas within their properties where significant biodiversity values occur and areas that are providing key ecosystem services. This information was used to map high conservation value[…]

Business & Biodiversity Initiative of the European Commission – Corticeira Amorim

Between 2008 and 2015, Corticeira Amorim funded a free technical advisory service to forest producers with the aim of identifying and ensuring the adoption of best management practices in cork oak forests and associated biodiversity. This technical advisory service was established when Corticeira Amorim signed on to the Business & Biodiversity Initiative of the European[…]

Identify Suitable Areas for the Green Heart of Cork Project

The Green Heart of Cork (GHOC) Project aims to promote the conservation of the world’s largest continuous patch of cork oak woodlands, spanning over half a million hectares, which is located in the Tejo and Sado river basins. This forest area harbors high levels of biodiversity and also coincides with the larger aquifer in the[…]